Rebecca Moffitt, LMT



After graduating from college and traveling all over the world, I landed here in beautiful Spokane.  For years to follow, I worked in corporate America and also became a mother of two.  Then I had a brilliant idea, I decided to go back to school and become a massage practitioner. I graduated from the Therapeutic Connection School of Massage and opened my practice the same week. I have been in private practice ever since. I love my work (how often do you hear that?), I love my clients, I love my boss, and coworkers (Me, and Me). I can’t imagine myself doing anything else, and let me tell you it shows in my work!

I work with clients who do all kinds of amazing sports (and subsequently need massage for their sore bodies). My clients include Cyclists, Ironman Triathletes, Golf Nuts, Hockey Players, Professional Musicians, and Performers. If you think you have a pain I haven’t heard of, forget it. Chances are I have seen it. I also have lots of just over-stressed, overworked business people with sore necks and shoulders thanks to the computer they stare at all day long.

Thanks for reading about me! Now book an appointment and tell me what hurts! (and if you have a cool story to go with why it hurts, that’s even better)